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so wut

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It's pretty much whatever. [19 Aug 2008|06:58pm]

I don't even care. Everyone is on my nerves lately. They won't leave me alone. I haven't been doing shit. Just laying around all day, doing what I do. I can't stand this shit, I hate answering to people, they annoy me. I'm not even going to try anymore, I think i'm just gonna work all the time,  maybe things will eventually get better but I don' tknow. This shit is not woth my time, or effort or anything. I'm taking about my boyfriend, my friends, my enemies. It's whatever.

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Bitch I'm ME.. I'm ME.. So who you?? You aint ME. [26 Oct 2007|12:46pm]
Last night was almost quite dull. Actually not really.  I went over to Marks around 5 after Matt picked me up. We layed around, tried to wake up Mark's ass but he was sleeping for atleast an hour and a half. He woke up and we all watched, Lady in the water, even though Mark and I already seen it. Then after that was done, we all watched Final Destination, haha.. then when that was over it was like 9..and I went home at 930. Felt like shit last night, it was so bad. So i went to bed quite early and i kinda loved it.  Now I'm sittin here waiting for my clothes to be done drying. Tim just called me askin to hang out, but I gotta wait for Marki to get home from work at 3..to do that. But Matt works at 4 today, which sucks...and it's raining. 

Wow.I am so not creative anymore. I used to loveee writing. I'm just blank. 
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i'mmm back bitchez [25 Oct 2007|01:21pm]
For real? For real. It's been fucking years since i've updated this thing, but why not. Myspace can go suck a dick. I definitly love livejorunal more and more I write. Uhhhh. Yeah. Well, Mark Simmons and I have been together for like a year and almost four months now. It's sweet, uhmm. I still work at lazer tag...yeup..uh. I don't really know what to say except that i'm fucking boss, and devyn and I are still the chronic two, fuck yea!!!!!!! peace out.
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[10 Jul 2005|09:16pm]
HAHAHAH.........(last summer)

[05 Sep 2004|05:12pm]
i am so fucking tired. so fucking tired.
After the last fucking entry.
I went to fucking breakfest
with Marc, Dev and his friend Benito
at like 6 30, cos we were still awake.
Mike and fucking elyse stayed here.
We fucking drank pop, and hung out.
But every fucking time it tasted like booze.
We got home at 8 fucking AM.
Fucking, fell asleep in my moms fucking bed.
for 2 FUCKING HOURS. I woke up every fucking hour tho.
fuck that shit.
We fucking woke at 11 30, fucking hung out with elyse and mike
mike fucking left.
Through out the FUCKING DAY, we became drift-fucking-wood.
We fucking went to each room and passed out.
ON OUR FUCKING ARMS. and acted like it was a sandwhich.
we fucking got it on our hair. UGH FUCK THAT
Elyse fucking left at 3 30.
Me and devyn fucking cleaned
this fucking god damn cock suckin house.
Used the FUCKING bitchass motherfucking
horse lickin dishwasher.
FUCKING got on our fuckin lameass 10 speed mountain bikes.
went to fuckin heritage and bough
fuckin like 3 boxes of mc-fucking-cheese.
and fuckin kool-aid, and raviloeo and spaighit
now the fucking jam like fucking is stuck in my hair.

some fucking dickwad pingpong mother suckin cock of a pup,
didn't take us to the fuckin mall so i can fuckin get a fucking new nose fucking ring.
except we are not fucking sure who the fucking "dickwadpingpongmothersuckincockofapup" is.

ANYWAY. ANOTHER fuckin party tonight bro's.
this time no motha fuckin bullshit like fuckin last night.

Number of times i used "fuck": 45

[18 Sep 2004|09:13pm]


looks like a new journal.

comment there to be added.

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i'm on a bad luck strike. [17 Sep 2004|05:15pm]
[ mood | sad ]

I'm horribly sad.

After school I took my dog to the vet.
She has cancer of the heart.
Only a few weeks to live.
I'm so sad. I've had her since 3rd grade.
It's really not fair. And I hate seeing her suffer.

-After that, 4 hours later. My dog died.
We were throwing my grandmas 82nd birthday,
and my whole family, just watched my dog die
as my mom held her. :[

read more about my nightCollapse )

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[16 Sep 2004|02:59pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

.....probably 10x times worse.

today is one of the days where you think to yourself
"I really wish i wasn't born" or "I'm thinking about
crashing my car into a tree or driving off a bridge".

events leading into my horrible horrible day

1) I fell at lunch in front of everyone.
2) I have a shit load of homework
3) I am supposed to hang out with brandon after he buys his tux but i doubt that will happen
4) I'm not going to homecoming now.
5) My mom likes being a bitch.

It might not seem like it would be bad.
but trust me. it really fucking is.

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stole this from kathleen [03 Sep 2004|12:27pm]
leave your name and i will tell you what i think of you good or bad
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[04 Aug 2004|10:21pm]
If you haven't noticed.
This journal is Friends Only.
Some entries are public.
But if you want in on all this stuff.
Comment to be added.
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