so wut (bang_kiss_bang) wrote,
so wut

Bitch I'm ME.. I'm ME.. So who you?? You aint ME.

Last night was almost quite dull. Actually not really.  I went over to Marks around 5 after Matt picked me up. We layed around, tried to wake up Mark's ass but he was sleeping for atleast an hour and a half. He woke up and we all watched, Lady in the water, even though Mark and I already seen it. Then after that was done, we all watched Final Destination, haha.. then when that was over it was like 9..and I went home at 930. Felt like shit last night, it was so bad. So i went to bed quite early and i kinda loved it.  Now I'm sittin here waiting for my clothes to be done drying. Tim just called me askin to hang out, but I gotta wait for Marki to get home from work at do that. But Matt works at 4 today, which sucks...and it's raining. 

Wow.I am so not creative anymore. I used to loveee writing. I'm just blank. 
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