so wut (bang_kiss_bang) wrote,
so wut

stole this from kathleen

leave your name and i will tell you what i think of you good or bad
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chris i love you a lot! we've been best friends since like 7th grade. and i love skateboarding with you outside school with mr. whatever his face is. a lot of fun at aco and civic. and we have some classes this year i think, and we'll have fun<3
aw scotty! we used to hate eachother a lot a lot back in the day but i really miss hanging out with you and miss making fun of people with you. you are a great boy, and you make me laugh!
Sam you are one bad mutha. Keep it real and good luck with u know who

BRENDEN! i miss you sooo much already, the day i got back i was like i miss my boyz. hahah i have you on my video camera and you make me laugh everytime i see that. Thanks for all those talks we had about you know who.

Merrill Vandallz fO lyfe! $$


September 3 2004, 16:54:19 UTC 13 years ago

well well well. I miss hanging out with you, and i rarely talk to you anymore :[
but those other times we'd hang out i had a lot of fun with you.
hopefully we can start talkin again and hangin out soon!<3
ever so sweet 5: go to my journal and write your name down
ever so sweet 5: now bitch

so by masters orders.

te' de' vyne.


pretty much i hate you alot

JK! best friends for life, like you know, eating pizza, watching "wanna come in" "boy meets world" all that other shit.
being pwinsgs for like EVER. football games, and pimpin boys out.
doin what we do best. dancing in my room sometimes to factory 81 or to britney spears. hanging out with our boys, going to our mcdonalds were your on drugs and can barely talk to the guy. dressing up like freakaziods for halla, or baking cookies that we dont know how to make for mikey. best friends for lyfe bro. forever!<33333

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Re: b52's


13 years ago

Re: b52's


13 years ago

I like you a lot for a close friend somewhat. Its fun hanging out with you and watching you jump off the swings really high. When i make fun of you, I just kid around! your a sweet kid bro.
Kathleen Tyitye
aw how i miss you kathleen! i remember hanging out with you and visiting you during the football games. you are a great person, and i miss you truly<3!
emily renee donaldson.
you are a wonderful person and so pretty, i remember talking to you about ben in the past, and you did nothing but try to warn me, lol. I wish i could get to know you better. and your art amazes me.


13 years ago

one mike artress please.
and you?
oh yes thank you, ill also have the mike artress.
mr mike artress.

I love you!
you are one of my very best friends and i'm thankful for that!
all those good times with pizza and walking around
and that one time a Olgas too! ha. I just miss you a lot mike<3
the nazi

go easy...
nazi man. lmao. ha i love going to wyandotte with you and devyn and walking a mile to see the works in action. you're a funn boy and i miss hangin out with you!!!
arnold dechico
he's pretty rad
you are a really cool girl, and we used to be good friends back in the day. and i think your very pretty.


September 11 2004, 03:41:39 UTC 13 years ago

you're pretty sweet. and um i want to fuck you in the back of my dads white van
I never talk to you anymore man. And I wish i could!
your a funny guy and i liked hanging out with you